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I’m interested in everything that makes life bigger and better, and when I find something good, I just have to share!

9781910300008When I came to writing, I found the techniques and attitudes I’d learnt from many years of working with dreams made everything about the process feel easy. You don’t need to work with dreams yourself – you can explore the ideas and techniques in my book, Writing in the House of Dreams. More here

9781910300053When a Writer Isn’t Writing includes some great ideas for writers that come from life coaching and the psychology of creativity, as well as plenty of tips about the craft of writing and the best ways to seek publication.  More here


The best ideas I found when I was researching how to handle bullying come from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Positive Psychology. In Help Your Child to Handle Bullying I share them with you so that you can share them with your child. Read more here