Help Your Child to Handle Bullying

It’s a sad fact that the majority of children will be bullied at some stage in their school life and parents can play a key role in supporting them through it.

48Having a child who’s being bullied can be really upsetting and confusing for parents and carers, and there may not be a quick and easy solution.

This book will help you to

  • Talk to your child in a calm and clear way
  • Decide whether, when and how to contact the school
  • Manage your feelings of anger and anxiety so that you don’t make a bad situation worse
  • Give your child strategies for handling their own anger and anxiety, and for not letting bullying harm their self-confidence or undermine their happiness

The beauty of this approach is that

  • If your child can learn how not to get upset, that may be all it takes for the bullies to lose interest and move on
  • If the bullying still continues, your child will feel stronger and more capable of taking action, such as involving the school
  • Your child will not suffer any lasting harm. Bruises heal, but the psychological damage from bullying can last a lifetime

The unexpected bonus is that learning good psychological self-defence will not only help your child to deal with bullying but with all their problems and setbacks as they go through life.

‘Help Your Child to Handle Bullying’ is the latest version of a book which was first published by Element in 1998 as ‘Your Child: Bullying’, by Vega in 2002 as ‘Bullying: Practical and easy-to-follow advice for parents’ and, much revised and extended, by Simon and Schuster in 2006 as ‘When Your Child is Bullied.’


Most useful and parent-friendly ~ Families Against Bullying

Empathic understanding of the emotional turmoil bullying induces in children and their parents – and clear, sound advice to help them through ~ Jenny Hare, agony aunt, counsellor and author

Very readable. Games and strategies great ~ ChildLine in Partnership with Schools

I was so impressed with Jenny Alexander’s insightful and practical book that I immediately included it on the reading list for my students ~ Penny Parks, consulting psychotherapist, trainer and author

There are dozens of books on bullying. This is one of the best ~Times Educational Supplement

Available in ebook

You can hear me talking about this book with Jacky Power, on her Therapeutic Poet podcast in November 2021

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