Free-range writing

Break out and try some new kinds of writing! 


Many writers start out with an idea of what kind of thing they want to write and then never stray from that area of writing. That’s a shame because if you think of yourself as just a novelist, or a poet, or a memoirist, or a non-fiction writer you don’t get to explore the full range of your writer self.

Going off your normal writing tracks will help you:

  • Feel the creative buzz of breaking new ground
  • Find fresh ideas to bring back to your normal writing
  • Open up new writing paths you never thought of following

With seventy-five little forays into fiction, non-fiction, memoir and poetry; advice on writing in each genre and a chapter on how to set up a free-range writing group, this book is bursting with ideas for any time your wild writer’s soul feels restless and needs new adventures.

Alexander’s tasks are varied and fun. From one page to the next, you could be making a list of shoes you remember wearing at different stages of your life, or composing a Hyacinth Bucket-esque complaint. It’s playful and, crucially, subtle. There are no goals or assessments; the book offers no thoughts on theory, but allows you to ‘spread your creative wings’ organicallyMslexia

Free-Range Writing isn’t just a book of prompts to get the juices flowing again; it’s a collection of thought-provoking passages to assist the writer in reaching the inner corners of their heart and soul ~ Peg Glover, in

Before lockdown I ran a small writing group here in Shaftesbury and used your Free Range Writing book constantly for ideas. It was so helpful ~ Elizabeth Woodgate

Free-Range Writing: 75 forays for the wild writer’s soul



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