A Little Gift of Free-Range Writing

Is it a book? Is it a greetings card?


This slim pocket size book contains ten delicious little writing treats.

Each treat is twenty minutes’ worth of pure writing pleasure, an invitation for writers to go off their normal writing tracks, give their inner critic the slip and have writing adventures across different genres. Everyone from complete beginners to published authors can enjoy the creative boost that brings.

Pop it in beside a birthday card, slip it between blooms in a bouquet, give it with a bag of get-well grapes or sneak it into a Christmas stocking… it’s perfect for any occasion.


1 copy of A Little Gift of Free-Range Writing

With its own gift tag bookmark



3 copies of A Little Gift of Free-Range Writing

With 3 gift tag bookmarks


Buy direct, UK only, p+p FREE.

Also available from amazon and all your usual outlets.

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