Writing in the House of Dreams

Do you love a good story? Are you fascinated by dreams? Would you like to try some new writing adventures? Then this book is for you!


I came to writing after twenty years of working with dreams, so I already had loads of techniques for coming and going easily between the everyday world and the inner worlds of imagination.

I’m sure that’s why I’ve never suffered from any blocks or anxieties about my creative process, and now I teach some of these attitudes and techniques to other writers.

This book explores the mind-expanding subject of dreams, tells the story of my dream adventures and offers practical creative exercises from my workshops designed to kick-start or boost your writing.

In a long and varied writing career, this is my child-of-the-heart book, and I do hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

This is an astonishing book. I don’t think I’ve read another like it. It’s a book of writing exercises and advice on how to write – but, equally, exercises and advice on how to live another life, in your dreams.

Susan Price, award-winning author (you can read the whole review here)

Jenny carefully weaves the threads of her own life in Shetland and in Cornwall with her knowledge of psychology, anthropology myths and therapy, and builds a fascinating book for dreamers and for writers.

Awfully Big Reviews (read the whole review here)

Writing in the House of Dreams: Unlock the power of your unconscious mind



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