No Worries: Your guide to starting secondary school

No Worries- Your guide to starting secondary school

Worries are a normal part of every new adventure – they’re nature’s way of making you prepare. One way of preparing is by getting information – and all the information you need about going up to secondary school is right here!

The author knows what makes Y6 laugh – the jokes are really good! ~  Ben Amberley-Smith, 11, quoted in The Teacher

A reassuring read to allay any niggling worries ~ Primary Times

Tackles common problems and worries in a positive and reassuring manner that will help to prepare pupils for their now school environment ~ Headteacher Update

I think this book is really great (and funny!). I myself am going to secondary school this September and I read this and it helped me ~ I review books! (read the whole review here link)

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How Can I Help the World? Inspiring stories and practical ideas to help you join in with saving our planet.


A funny, practical book that, unlike most green guides for children, doesn’t only include fun facts and practical tasks but takes a more holistic approach, helping readers develop an emotional connection with nature and think in terms of community.

As well as explaining environmental problems in ways children can easily understand, the book offers:

  • Real life stories of inspirational young people from around the world, such as Elizabeth Gadson, the ‘little litter picker’, school strike activist Greta Thunberg and Boyan Slat, the schoolboy inventor
  • Made up example stories – designed to demonstrate how children in particular can make a difference
  • Fun quizzes for children to check their own knowledge and attitudes
  • Jokes
  • Creative tasks as well as practical ones, to help children feel informed and motivated
  • Social skills children might use to encourage the adults around them to think about these issues too, without annoying them

The book will appeal to teachers, parents and youth leaders as well as children, because many of the tasks are fun for adults and children to do together and in groups.

It’s illustrated by the brilliant Scott Garrett

What a wonderful treasure of a book! It helps readers to understand the issues around plastic pollution and climate change in a humorous, engaging way through the many quizzes and jokes that can be found on most pages. Furthermore, it also offers ideas and solutions to encourage the reader to make a difference in sometimes the simplest ways. The tick list at the very end of the book is a lovely touch as it recaps all the ways to make a difference from every page in one handy space ~ Books for Topics

An excellent and timely encouragement for children to take action to save the planet… ~ Paul Lawston, Environmental Education Consultant

I love this book! It shows we can all make a difference ~ Elizabeth Gadson, award-winning young eco warrior

How Can I Help The World?

A practical guide with lots of quizzes, jokes and stories.


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Also available in paperback in amazon, and other retailers

70 Ways to Bully-Proof Yourself


  • Funny, practical and easy to understand for readers age 8+
  • Short activities suitable for teachers to use in class
  • Fresh ideas for parents who want to support their child

Most bullying doesn’t involve lasting physical harm, but the damage to a child’s confidence and wellbeing from every kind of bullying can last a lifetime. There are practical strategies children can use to protect themselves emotionally and psychologically in bullying situations, and they’re all here in this revised and updated version of The Seven-Day Bullybuster, about which John Quinn, the development Director of Beatbullying wrote in Children and Young People Now: ‘This book works. It’s about choices, recognising boundaries, setting achievable goals, being in control, self-fulfilment and engaging with peers in more positive ways. By Sunday’s bully-busting schedule, I wanted to cheer.’

With illustrations by Karen Donnelly

This book claims to equip you against bullies in ways that are easy, not scary, that work, and that give you skills for life.  And all of that’s true… It would also be a useful tool for teachers; a great resource for any wanting to do assemblies or other sessions about bullying.  Every school library should stock this book because every school suffers from bullying ~ Awfully Big Reviews

The books are designed to be dipped in and out of, to be pondered over, and they most definitely have useful advice for both bullying and improving self-esteem ~ Nayu’s Reading Corner

…a helpful guide written in an informal, child-friendly style that helps pupils to understand how common – and unacceptable – bullying is, what it might look like in different situations and the most appropriate ways to respond to it ~ Books For Topics

70 Ways to Bully-Proof Yourself

A practical guide for handling bullying - with lots of quizzes, jokes and stories.


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Also available in paperback in amazon, and other retailers

70 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem


  • Funny, practical and easy to understand for readers age 8+
  • Short activities suitable for teachers to use in class
  • Fresh ideas for parents who want to support their child

Self-esteem is all about making choices, recognising boundaries, setting achievable goals, feeling in control and engaging with other people in positive ways. It’s all here in this revised and updated version of The Seven-Day Self-Esteem Super-Booster, about which the Times Educational Supplement reviewer wrote: ‘The tone and style of this book is positive, strong and easy to follow… and the activities are achievable for a wide ability-range. The author clearly understands how children can be helped.’

With illustrations by Karen Donnelly

This book not only explores what self-esteem is, and why it’s good, but sets tasks at the end of each chapter to achieve good self-esteem. And the tasks are fun… What’s more the tone is friendly – certainly not patronising, with a quirky personality shining through, so that you feel as if the author is a real person talking to you ~ MinervaReads

70 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem



Buy direct, p+p free. UK only.

The paperback is also available in amazon and all your favourite book outlets, as is the ebook version.

Bullies, Bigmouths and So-called Friends


This book doesn’t show you how to pretend you don’t care – it shows you how to really not care – so you can get on with your own life and not let someone else’s lack of social skills (that’s putting it nicely!) spoil everything.

Plus it’s got lots of quizzes and cartoons and stuff, so it’s a great read.

The author offers brilliant tips for children who may be struggling at school when the usual advice of ‘ignore it’ isn’t working ~ The Sun

Unique in teaching children how to boost their self-esteem and so prevent bullying from affecting their lives ~ The Independent

At last, a book that really helps you to deal with the people in your life who are making you miserable.  This book gives sensible, practical advice ~ Back to School Bookseller

It has practical advice to stop you seeing yourself as a loser (because you’re not!) and has the support of ChildLine. This is an important book for youngsters who want to become bully-proof ~ Funday Times

This is the ideal book for teachers or counsellors working with children as well as children themselves ~ Education Today

This brill book is full of tips on how to build up your confidence and look after yourself. We like!  ~ Bubble

Offers simple strategies for building up confidence so that taunts and teasing have fewer insecurities to feed on ~ Sainsbury’s Magazine

No other author has done the job on the subject of bullying as well as Alexander does ~ Junior Magazine

Featured in 12 of the best books on bullying for children and parents on in September 2020

Available in amazon, and other retailers

How to be Happy


Everyone gets down in the dumps sometimes – it’s only natural – but this book shows you how to bounce back quicker and develop a happy lifestyle. Plus it’s got quizzes, cartoons, stories and jokes 🙂

Available in Paperback

How to be a Brilliant Writer


Not as in, how to get great SAT results, but as in how to make writing a brilliant part of your everyday life (though actually doing lots of writing for fun means your SAT results will get better all on their own)

An essential guide for young, aspiring writers ~ Headteacher Update

A book that should capture children’s imagination, make them realise that writing can be fun, and inspire them to create their own written material ~ Writing Magazine

Available in  Paperback

The 7-day Brain-booster39

Brains grow strong and happy by having adventures, and strong happy brains handle school work much more easily. Give your brain a little adventure every day with the 7-day Brain-booster.

The brain-booster is perfect for summer, when children and teens might let things slip while school’s out ~ Cornwall Today

The 7-Day Brain Booster



Buy direct, p+p free. UK only. 

Also available in amazon Paperback

The 7-day Stress-buster


School work, SATs, bullying… Global warming, wars, epidemics… Crime waves, tidal waves… Family bust-ups, friendship fall-outs… It can make you feel like you need a holiday!

But you don’t have to have two weeks on the beach in order to get a rest from stress – you can take a mini-break every day with the 7-day Stress-buster!

The 7-day books have a quirky side that makes them fun and enjoyable to read … helpful and sensitive ~ Cornwall Today

Packed full of top tips, fun ideas and ways to unwind, it’s a hands-on guide to CHILL ~ Kidz

The 7-Day Stressbuster



Buy direct, p+p free. UK only.

Also available in amazon   Paperback

Set of four 7-Day books

Fantastic value! p+p free, UK only.


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