How Can I Help the World?

How Can I Help the World? Inspiring stories and practical ideas to help you join in with saving our planet.


A funny, practical green guide that, unlike most books of this kind, doesn’t only include fun facts and practical tasks but also takes a more holistic approach, helping children to cope with their anxieties about climate change, engage with the problem through creative activities and work together with other people to be part of the solution.

As well as explaining environmental problems in ways children can easily understand, the book offers:

  • Real life stories of inspirational young people from around the world, such as Elizabeth Gadson, the ‘little litter picker’, school strike activist Greta Thunberg and Boyan Slat, the schoolboy inventor
  • Made up example stories – designed to demonstrate how children in particular can make a difference
  • Fun quizzes for children to check their own knowledge and attitudes
  • Jokes
  • Creative tasks as well as practical ones, to help children feel informed and motivated
  • Social skills children might use to encourage the adults around them to think about these issues too, without annoying them

The book will appeal to teachers, parents and youth leaders as well as children, because many of the tasks are fun for adults and children to do together and in groups.

What a wonderful treasure of a book! It helps readers to understand the issues around plastic pollution and climate change in a humorous, engaging way through the many quizzes and jokes that can be found on most pages… and offers ideas and solutions to encourage the reader to make a difference in sometimes the simplest ways. The tick list at the very end of the book is a lovely touch as it recaps all the ways to make a difference from every page in one handy space” ~ Books for Topics  

An excellent and timely encouragement for children to take action to save the planet… ~ Paul Lawston, Environmental Education Consultant

I love this book! It shows we can all make a difference ~ Elizabeth Gadson, award-winning young eco warrior

Elizabeth Gadson

How do you work out what your child wants to read? … Try Jenny Alexander’s factual stories, facts and ideas in ‘How Can I Help the World?’ . These types of books have the advantage of allowing you to ‘dip in and out’ therefore feel less demanding than having to focus on an entire ‘story’. The more variety you offer your child in smaller more manageable chunks of reading, the more chance they have to find something they enjoy ~ Coram Beanstalk 

Love this new little children’s book by  Jenny Alexander. Presents the whole climate issue to children of around 8-12 years in an informative and non-threatening way, giving lots of fun ideas of the things they can do to help improve their future ~ Jenny Jones

Lovely book that really chimes with thoughtful kids everywhere allowing them to make a contribution & for anxious kids who get overwhelmed by the world this book breaks down issues into bite size chunks & provides a positive focus for action – wonderful! ~ Sarah Mackie

How Can I Help The World?

A practical guide with lots of quizzes, jokes and stories.


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