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The Binding

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What we bind can’t be unbound…

Stuck on a remote, rainy island all summer, Jack, Tressa and Milo think their holiday is doomed until they find the other children, and the den.

Soon Jack and the others are initiated into a secret society, the Binding, led by charismatic Duncan, with elaborate rules, ceremonies… and punishments.

Jack wants to belong. He doesn’t want trouble. But as the summer goes on and the truth comes out, he realizes that he’ll have to stand up to Duncan—whatever it costs.

A tense, compulsive exploration of the effects of secrets, authority, boredom, and fear.

Parents and teachers, check out this interview about reading, writing and The Binding on the publisher’s website

Available in paperback and ebook

The Peony Pinker series

A Blue Peter Book Club choice

If you like funny stories about families, pets and friends, you’ll love Peony Pinker!

The Peony Pinker stories combine humour and an unexpected narrative with subtle tips on how to get the best from life.  Western Morning News

How to get what you want, by Peony Pinker


Peony Pinker wants

  • a dog
  • a bit of tlc from Mum
  • a bit of peace from Dad (the world’s worst agony aunt)
  • but most of all right now, for her big sister’s horrible new best friend to stop being mean to her

It’s not going to happen… until Mr Kaminski next door tells her the secret of how to get what you want. Can Peony make it work?

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One of the fantastic top three books for May! Blue Peter Book Club

This brill new book is loads of fun!  Go Girl

An engaging heroine, well-rounded characters and a lively story make this a good read.

How to get the family you want, by Peony Pinker


Peony Pinker is sick of

  • Mum and Dad (arguing non stop)
  • big sister Primrose (total drama queen)
  • nobody listening (as usual)
  • Dennis the rabbit (the man promised he was house-trained…)

Gran says you can’t change your family. Can Peony learn to live with them instead?

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In the second hilarious instalment in the life of one Peony Pinker, the plucky heroine is seriously fed up with her family. But how can she go about changing their annoying traits? Find out in this funny, family read.  tBkmag

Entertaining and humorous… if you have readers looking for an alternative to Jacqueline Wilson, then introduce them to Peony.  The School Librarian

A very funny, hectic story with well-rounded, likeable characters.   Primary Times

How to get the friends you want, by Peony Pinker


Peony Pinker is friends with

  • Abina, Sasha and Tammy (the coolest girls in class)
  • Pookie (the pot-bellied pig)
  • Toby and Jess (her best friends, before)
  • Becky (from the kennels)

But something’s gone wrong with Peony’s friendships. Can she find out what, and put it right?

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How to get the body you want, by Peony Pinker


In the fitness plan

  • run every morning
  • eat low-cal ready-meals

Not in the plan

  • snacks and hot choc
  • second breakfasts
  • two puddings a day
  • extra cake

Dad’s family fitness plan is a disaster. And Peony is about to go on a hill-walking trip with her super-fit friend. Can she get in shape in time?

Available in Paperback  ebook  Audiobook


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