For younger children

Miss Fischer’s Jewels

9781910300114_cover_1400px Times are tough. Leni hasn’t had any pocket money for months, and now she has to part with her horse. Miss Fischer decides to give her a brooch that’s worth a lot of money. The problem is, she dies before she can tell Leni where she has hidden it. She will just have to come back as a ghost… but haunting can be a tricky business!

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The Car-mad Jack series


Red House Children’s Book Awards, Highly Recommended

This is a super new series to inspire young imaginations, and there are fantastic illustrations throughout.  Families Magazine

Jack Davy is mad about cars! He loves to imagine driving them and having adventures. Luckily for Jack, he can spend every Saturday morning at his Dad’s car supermarket.

Car-mad Jack and the Speedy Sports Car


There’s a really exciting new car at the Car Supermarket – a shiny red sports car. Jack could become a racing driver with a car like that…

Our vehicle-crazy testers loved reading this witty adventure-story about car-mad Jack Davy ~ Red House Children’s Book Awards

Will appeal to any lad who dreams of driving fast cars but is too young to get behind the wheel ~ Cork Evening Echo

Available in Hardback  Paperback

Car-mad Jack and the Versatile Van


Jack would like to own the white van that’s just been put on sale. Then he could carry all sorts of things in it, like plumber’s tools and baths, and even a grumpy sister!

Available in Hardback  Paperback

Car-mad Jack and the Motorbike in the Mountains


There’s a shiny new motorbike in the Car Supermarket this week. Jack wants to ride it far away to the Scottish Highlands where Clark can’t annoy him… or can he?

Available in  Hardback   Paperback

Car-mad Jack and the Marvellous Minibus


Jack is disappointed because there are no exciting new cars this week. But then Granny Bright turns a boring minibus ride into a mad and merry adventure.

Available in  Hardback   Paperback

Car-mad Jack and the Taxi about Town


Taxis are not like ordinary cars. There are intercoms, fun switches and flip-down seats. You can see all sorts of sights in a taxi, and have all sorts of adventures.

Available in   Hardback   Paperback

Car-mad Jack and the Rugged Off-Roader


An off-roader is ready for anything; rocky rivers, muddy tracks, windswept dunes… but can it handle escaped prisoners and annoying big sisters?

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Finding Fizz


Carly hasn’t been her usual bubbly self lately – her mum says she’s ‘lost her fizz’. She’s being teased and pushed out by the girls who used to be her friends, and there’s no-one she can talk to. How can Carly find her fizz again?

Jenny Alexander’s ‘Finding Fizz’ deals sensitively with the story of girls excluding and teasing one of their own.  Times Educational Supplement

Available in  Paperback