Children’s books

Welcome to the children’s area of my site, where you can read all about me and my books.

I’ve written more than 100 books for schools, including fiction and non-fiction, so you’re almost sure to have some of them in your school – take a look!

But before you do that, check out my favourite fiction that I’ve written, and also my books about you.


I love writing funny stories about families, pets and friends. But real life isn’t always funny, so some of my books are more serious too. Click on the pic to find out more.


Books about you

As well as stories and non-fiction, I write funny books full of quizzes, ideas, cartoons and activities to help you get a handle on the hard things in life, such as bullying, and enjoy more of the good things, such as feeling happy and self-confident. Click on the pic!

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More about me

18 of my favourite questions that children have asked me, and 5 of my favourite pictures – you know what to do!


You can hear my top tips for young writers in this chat with Tonya and Natasha at scribblerzone – click on the pic

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And you can read my blog posts for children too, on the wonderful girlsheartbooks


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