Got an iPhone or iPad? This apple app is designed to help you beat writer’s block and produce a polished story in just 20 minutes a day.

Get Writing!


Are you new to writing and don’t know how to begin? Or an experienced writer who’s fallen into a slump? Get Writing! takes a tried and tested method for getting over writer’s block and makes it better.

The traditional method is to set aside 20 minutes every day for writing, and just write. Write anything that comes into your head, until the time is up. It works because it gets you into the habit of writing and forces you to let go of two killer ideas

  • you haven’t got time to write
  • you don’t know what to write about

But although it gets you writing, all you have to show for it is reams of unfocused jottings.

Get Writing! is a 20 minutes a day practice for the 21st century, where we lead busy lives and want to see results. This varied and exciting one-month course will help you use your 20 minutes a day to

  • Start writing
  • Fire up your imagination
  • Write a complete story
  • Redraft and make it better


So what are you waiting for? Get Writing!


Available from the apple app store

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